Playing in the Street

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ZIGGY MARLEY & THE MELODY MAKERS - Children playing in the street (1982 Shanachie)

Breadcrumb Breadcrumbs For residents Streets and travel Temporary road closures and traffic restrictions Playing out. Find out about playing out on your street. Playing out on your street. You need to apply at least six weeks before your first playing out session. Do you have any advice?

Q519: Can ball games be legally played on a public road?

More related questions. Questions Can a person be arrested for just swearing in the street? I have been given a penalty notice for disorder, does that mean I have got a criminal conviction? I will be attending a cruise in your area, what advice can you give me?

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  • Girl, 3, found 'playing alone' on street in Cornwall at 3.30am.

Kids are driving up and down the road in motor cars and I don't think they are old enough to drive, can the police help? There are gangs of youths hanging around on street corners drinking what can be done about them? There are youths that are driving up and down our street doing hand brake turns etc, can anything be done? Who should I contact to get it removed? What are dispersal powers?

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What is a Community Protection Notice? What is a Criminal Behaviour Order?

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Play Streets Australia is a community effort, put together by people who care about neighbourhoods, children's health and social inclusion. CoDesign Studio is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit placemaking consultancy that inspires people to shape their neighbourhoods and create great places that bring neighbours together. VicHealth is dedicated to getting more Victorians engaged in physical activity. CoDesign Studio is here to help. We offer a range of services for communities and councils to help make your Play Streets a success. Parents and neighbours : Download our free toolkit to get you started.

If you need more help from us, get in touch.

‘Photograph of children playing in the street’, Nigel Henderson, [] – Tate Archive | Tate

Councils, schools and other organisations : We have several options to help you tailor Play Streets for your community. Sign up to our newsletter below, or contact playstreets codesignstudio. Partners Partners Need a Hand? Contact Social Feed.


It's about more than play. It's about community.

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Mother of two arrested for letting her children ride their scooters on road

Your street can be a Play Street, too. Who's involved? Your step-by-step toolkit.