Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence

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Data repositories for BI applications include: data warehouses centralized or decentralized , production databases, operational data stores, and data marts. Download Now. BI is often confused with business analytics. Business analytics BA refers to statistical methods used to measure performance and optimize business processes.

Data analytics is the process of analyzing sets of data to gain insights. Two types of data analytics are:. BA is a similar yet separate process with a different function. BA mines historical data for trends and insights to drive business change. BI uses historical and real-time data to enable decision-making in the present: i. BI primarily helps run a business today, BA is primarily used to predict what will happen in the future.

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The growing accessibility of big data is making modern business decisions more crucial but also more difficult to obtain. An enterprise data warehouse often contains a terabyte or more of raw data that needs to processed and made ready for analysis.

BI systems allow for comprehensive analysis of data — often in minutes — to respond to specific business requests. For example, SKF is a global manufacturing enterprise, so they need to be able to accurately forecast the size of the market for its products and the demand for specific product types.

Metabase has helped these fine folks learn more about their data.

Where to invest or divest and how to react to emerging industry trends? Talend is helping us do that. That means their entire team needs to be able to access the data necessary to evaluate success and drive progress. This has empowered the organization as a whole and is moving us from making decisions based on gut feel to making them based on consistent data. Other key benefits of BI include:. Traditional BI is handled by an IT team or data specialists who run queries, provide guided analysis, and create reports.

The downfall with this approach is that it can takes weeks or longer to prepare a report. These tools are intuitive, user-friendly, and provide access to data in real time. Efficient business intelligence requires the right tools. Different types of BI tools perform various pieces of the overall BI process, and function according to different standards. They operate as standalone tools or as part of an integrated suite of products.

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The first step in choosing a BI tool is to understand the type of data sources schema and definitions the organization accesses, and how they will need to be analyzed. From Excel to Visual. What does LinceBi have for me?

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Agility Reduce time spent analysing data, allowing your team to quickly attain insights. Flexibility LinceBI is a BI solution that allows flexible customization to your requirements, in many cases even without code change.

Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence: Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize Roi

Usability With i intuitive user guidance and a clear user interface we help the users of LinceBI to get their bearings quickly. Scalability From a single server node to a cluster of nodes distributed across multiple servers and from one to many users are supported. How does LinceBi work? Data We get your data from multiples sources. Knowledge Our knowledge let us transform your data on the best way. Action The data is ready to use on an agile, simple environment and will help you to make better decissions.

As powerful as an enterprise version, with the advantages of being Open Source. Dashboards User friendly , templates and wizard Technical skills is not mandatory Link to external content Browse and navigate on cascade dependency graphs. Analytic Reporting PC, Tablet, Smartphone compatibility Syncs your analysis with other users Download information on your device Make better decisions anywhere and anytime. Balance Scorecard Assign customized weights to your kpis Edit your data on fly or upload an excel template Follow your key performance indicators Visual kpis , traffic lights colours Assign color coding to your threshold Define your own key performance indicators.

Accessibility Make calculated fields on the fly Explore your data on chart Drill down and roll up capabilities What if analysis and mailing. Adhoc Reporting Build your reports easily, drag and drop Models and languaje created to Business Users Corporative templates to your company Advanced filters. Alerts Configure your threshold Mapping alerts and business rules Planning actions when an event happen.

Who trust in us. Contact Contact us to show you a guided tour and how to use LinceBi. Send us a message Email.